Vaping Medical Marijuana

Vaping Medical Marijuana

The world has seemed to go up in a puff of smoke and people millions of people around the globe are jumping on bandwagon and puffing on vaporizers, using a herb that seems to have the potential to save the world.

Since their launch in 1993, herb vaporizers have established themselves as an alternative to the traditional habit of smoking. A few studies have been produced in recent years suggesting that vaporizing might not be perfectly healthy, but is surely less harmful smoking nicotine cigarettes.

“ Scientific evidence regarding the human health effects of e-cigarettes is limited. While e-cigarette aerosol may contain fewer toxicants than cigarette smoke, studies evaluating whether e-cigarettes are less harmful than cigarettes are inconclusive. Some evidence suggests that e-cigarette use may facilitate smoking cessation, but definitive data are lacking. “ NCBI ( 1 )

The popularity of vaping has taken the world by storm not just for ex-smokers but also people looking at healthier ways of consuming cannabis. You see vaping although it may look like an advanced way of smoking, there is actually no combustion happening and vapors are inhaling vapor, and not smoke. Common sense suggests that this is far healthier as the vaper is exposed to less heat and toxins when consuming herb through a vaporizer. Speak to any vapor enthusiast or an ex-smoker and you will hear that they feel better, and have more energy. Smell and taste also come back to people that used to smoke or combust herb/tobacco.

The art of vaporizing is a subculture that comes with its own turf and terminologies. Vapers take the sport of vaporizing quite seriously and busting big clouds of smoke is something that happens weekly amongst the professional community of vape smokers. Vaping is not only for people wanting to give up smoking traditional tobacco but also a very effective way for people to deliver cannabis to their bodies. Smoking, although with many health concerns, has seemed for the best part of a decade, considered the most effective and efficient way to consume cannabis.

Vaping Medical Marijuana

Our bodies contain an intricate highway of receptors that are called our endocannabinoid system or ECS. The ECS is comprised of our immune and nervous system and is found internally and externally through our skin. Tiny receptors, namely CB1 and CB2, are found throughout the ECS and compounds found in cannabis bind to these receptors and assist us to regulate bodily functions such as memory, appetite, mood, movement and other necessary functions. There are over 200 useful compounds found in cannabis, these compounds are divided into groups and mainly consist of cannabinoids and terpenes. Two of the most popular cannabinoids known are tetrahydrocannabinol ( THC ) and cannabidiol ( CBD). THC is a well-known cannabis compound and is essentially responsible for the “high” effect of cannabis. On the other hand, CBD is psychoactive and has no potential of making users feel in a state of euphoria.

Vaping Medical Marijuana

Both these cannabinoids have potential medical benefits and conclusive evidence is still being gathered to confirm these claims. Regardless of scientific evidence and governments approval of cannabis as a medicine, public opinion is driving the demand for access to cannabis for its medical properties.

With the hundreds of products available on the market with cannabinoid enriched infused products from edibles through to gel capsules, vape cartridges seem to be dominating and steering the cannabis industry in the right direction when it comes to dosage and immediate relief. This is due primarily to the ECS and the fast delivery of cannabinoids through inhalation in our mouths and lungs. Other cannabis products like edibles can take a couple hours for users to feel effects, while vapors feel the effect almost immediately.

Medical Benefits of Cannabis

The medical benefits of cannabis have been known to man for thousands of years. In fact, the Chinese were the first civilization to list cannabis as a medical plant, and it was included in their book of Pharmacopoeia plant medicines around 1000BC. The Chinese used cannabis to treat gout and rheumatism.

Cannabis was widely available over the counter medicine during the early and mid 20th century in the United States of America. Up and until the first propaganda law, the Marijuana Tax of 1937, cannabis was seen growing on the sides of streets, cultivated in bulk on farms and found in medicine cabinets of many households. Due to the laws banning cannabis use and research for a good part of 100 years, we did not have access to the medical potential of the cannabis plant. However, even though cannabis was outlawed, it thrived throughout the world and now we are seeing a boom in the new legal cannabis market. Much research is being done to understand this complex plant and verify many claims of it curing cancer and seizures in patients.

So let us look at some of the top potential medical and therapeutic benefits of cannabis:


Although no one knows what causes Alzheimer’s, medical marijuana has been used for some time to assist patients to gain weight. In recent studies, it has also shown that cannabis slowed the progress of proteins that build up, which scientists think could be the reason behind Alzheimer’s disease.


Cannabis has long been known to assist patients suffering from symptoms of arthritis. Symptoms such as sleeplessness and pain are reduced when patients have used cannabis in these studies.


Studies of HIV-patients who smoke marijuana have concluded that the delivery of cannabis has improved their quality of life by reducing pain, better appetite, improved mood and better sleeping patterns.


Do a simple google search “cannabis cured my cancer” and you will be left with millions of page results. Public opinion has increased positively with regards to cannabis and cancer. Many studies conducted also prove that cannabis has a very positive effect on cancerous cells and also assists patients going through chemotherapy. A study conducted on animals suggests that cannabis has the potential to literally kill cannabis cells. Many cancer patients have been very vocal about the benefits of using cannabis for cancer recovery, one of the most popular activists is Rick Simpson. Rick Simpson is one of many that claims cannabis cured his cancer.


There has been a lot of news about the positive results of patients suffering from epilepsy and associated seizures. Trials at the NYU Langone Medical Center proved that patients using cannabis had a 50% reduction in daily seizures and further studies have shown that children suffering from a rare disease, Darvet Syndrome, can possibly reduce seizures to 0%

These are just a couple diseases that cannabis has huge potential with, the list is endless, but many more studies need to be conducted before we have conclusive scientific evidence. In the meantime, thousands of people are turning to cannabis daily and reaping many benefits.

Most effective way to consume cannabis

Cannabis can be consumed in a myriad of ways. But as suggested above vaporizing dry herb is one of the most effective and easiest. With many states changing laws and allowing the sale, cultivation and possession of cannabis, vaporizing dry her might be the best bet. It is as simple as growing a tomato, and once you have some homegrown harvest, vaping your own organic harvest is safe, cheap and a solution for many of your day to day issues.

Vaporizers come in many shapes, sizes and colors. Just like the number of cannabis products on the market, you have the equivalent of vaporizers. Vapes come in 1st, 2nd and 3d generation varieties. Some are portable like a pen vape, some are strictly for a home such as desktop vapes. They can vary from under $50 to over $400, so depending on your requirements and budget, check local shops or browse online for your options. There is definitely one vaporizer that will suit your needs. They are safe and efficient cannabis delivery systems, without the health concerns associated with smoking cannabis.

The simplest and cheapest product on the market os a dry herb pen, for under $50 you can be vaping your own medicine at home for little more than a little bit of your time, outdoors and in the garden. If you don’t have a garden, you could even grow a couple plants on your balcony or on a kitchen window sill. Please just check your state and by-laws. But if you are living in one of the 8 states that legally allow you to grow your own pot, Bob’s your uncle. You should be growing, even if it’s for your friend, family or yourself.

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