CBD Oil And Yoga: A Concept?

CBD Oil And Yoga

What is CBD oil?

The chemical name of CBD is cannabis oil but it’s better known as CBD. It is commonly found in the cannabis plant as the main psychoactive compound. It is generally what causes people to feel ‘high’. Many people have begun to use it as a relief to reduce their intake of pharmaceutical over the counter drugs.

How is CBD oil made?

The CBD compound is extracted from the cannabis plant then dissolved and mixed properly with a carrier oil such as jojoba oil or olive oil.

Are our CBD products legal?

It is important to ask this question especially because CBD products especially CBD oil have become increasingly rampant in the market nowadays. It’s extremely easy to get these products and it’s safer to know whether you can be on the wrong side of the law by having them to yourself.

For CBD products to be considered legal, it has to contain less than 0.3% of THC in it, although it is still illegal in some states.

CBD oil or buying weed online has become very popular because of its multitude of uses and I will focus first on its uses relating to yoga then add a few other general uses afterward and maybe a few side effects.

  1. Focus

CBD, when used, makes one hyper fixated on what one is doing at that time. Hence gives one focus as they do the yoga routine. It helps people reduce distractions helping them unlock their ultimate Zen-state. It has also been discovered that through meditation, the body can naturally activate its cannabinoid receptors thus making CBD oil and yoga a great pairing together.

  1. Flexibility

CBD oil has a great contribution to the flexibility when used during yoga. It mainly helps because CBD oil is applied to the skin when stretching. It increases both flexibility and stamina.

  1. Savasana

This is the final step when doing a yoga meditation routine. It requires complete relaxation of the muscles. Yoga stimulates the production of anandamide high regulates one’s moods and gives a boost for the day. They help to maintain a calm feeling after the session.CBD oils help to keep anandamide in the body long.

  1. Improving one’s emotional well being

This is mainly because CBD on its own is mainly used to reduce stress and induce relaxation to one’s body, when paired together with yoga, it magnifies the relaxation benefits of yoga thus providing immense relaxation and a lot of production of dopamine which is the happy hormone in the body.

Other uses of CBD that may not exactly relate to yoga but are general benefits are:

  • It is used by several people to relieve pain. Most of those prefer it to over the counter pain killers.
  • It is used to reduce anxiety and depression because it stimulates the production of dopamine in the body which is a happy hormone in the body.
  • It is also used to reduce the symptoms of cancer and the side effects of cancer treatment. It is also used to prevent the spread of breast cancer and lung cancer.
  • It could also benefit heart health.

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