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CBD oil

Marijuana is a very complex plant that is made up of about 500 different molecules, of which 144 are cannabinoids (including Cannabidiol or CBD), terpenes, terpenoids and flavonoids. Each molecular element acts in a way, but together they create synergies in ways that have been studied for relatively recently. Especially those that occur between phytocannabinoids and terpenes.

This means we shouldn’t consider marijuana as a source of these compounds taking them into account independently. Studies progress and results show how we should approach the study of the plant in a broader way. Thanks to all the research and innovation that has been carried out over the last century and what we have done with it, marijuana has gone from being a plant used for its effects in an unscientific way to becoming a source of innumerable compounds chemicals with amazing properties.

From these elements, various products can be obtained, such as oils and all types of cbd products.

In this article we will explain the difference between isolated CBD oil and full-spectrum CBD oil. We are going to describe the characteristics of both oils and explain the benefits according to the research.

CBD isolated oils

These types of oils have a concentrated content of cbd isolated from the plant. This oil is mostly produced from an industrial hemp since it has a high content of this cannabinoid and, on the contrary, and almost none of THC, which means that the oil does not have psychoactive effects. These oils only contain CBD. The CBD used undergoes different extraction and filtration processes to leave nothing behind that is not CBD. Therefore it is a thc free cbd oil.

CBD is legal in many countries around the world, so it has very few legal and commercial restrictions. CBD oil and products with concentrated CBD content have relaxing and anti-inflammatory properties that are documented and recognized by the scientific community. It is important to clarify that its effect is limited because it is based on the synthesis of this cannabinoid and does not achieve the synergies that are created when consumption is accompanied by the rest of the molecular elements that make up the structure of the marijuana plant. Another benefit of this type of oils and cbd products is that they have great value as a dietary supplement, since they contain, among other things, Omega 3 and 6 fatty oils.

There are many products on the market that you can find, such as: CBD oils, cbd sprays, all kinds of edibles, like candy, cbd gummies, or cookies. There are also beverages, like cbd tea, juices, or coffee. Some products are topical, like cbd cream or balms. There is a wide variety of products you can find.

Full-Spectrum CBD oil

The term “full spectrum” is used when cbd oil contains more than just the cannabinoid CBD. A full spectrum CBD oil also includes dozens of additional cannabinoids like CBG, CBN, and CBC and reduced amounts of THC, as well as all the terpenes and flavonoids. It is important to clarify that THC is present in trace amounts (less than 0.03%). The exact proportions of the remaining cannabinoids can vary, which is why it is critical that you choose a reputable CBD oil producer who can provide you with detailed information.

When the hemp plant undergoes an extraction process, it is possible to remove or retain certain compounds, depending on what you want the final product to contain. By including other cannabinoids, this oil could have additional benefits. Although the research is still in its infancy, many of the other non-psychotropic cannabinoids (CBC, CBN, CBG) have been shown to have therapeutic potential in their own right.

Studies show that when cannabinoids and terpenes work together, they become more effective. That phenomenon is known as the entourage effect. Therefore, full-spectrum CBD oil takes full advantage of the entourage effect, allowing our bodies to absorb, not only the benefits of CBD, but the benefits of all the other favorable compounds of the plant. This effect is essential when it comes to detailing the benefits of broad spectrum oils, since they are much more powerful, and cover more aspects than those that CBD oils can produce.

Further research

Research is still ongoing, most recent studies of the chemical compounds of marijuana for medical applications consider how the compounds interact with each other and not the mere isolated synthesis of its components.

Studies confirm that benefits for skin diseases such as psoriasis, anticonvulsant effects in diseases such as epilepsy and neuroprotective functions are obtained from its use. They also affect pain neurotransmitter centers and a number of other physiological functions. These effects actually improve the quality of life of patients, making them a very interesting field to generate medical advances

It must be considered the fact that because of the content of THC (even though it is really low) this type of oil could be illegal in most countries. This aspect makes its commercialization a process in which legal frameworks must be taken into account, since we can commit a crime when producing, distributing or consuming these products. In many countries the use of marijuana as a medicinal element is not properly regulated or legalized without any type of restriction.

Final thoughts

Marijuana has been used for medical purposes in different cultures for thousands of years, and science has advanced exponentially in the last two centuries. A large volume of studies is published each year that relate the components of marijuana with the regulation of certain bodily functions and that is why not taking it into account as a source of drugs is irresponsible to say the least. On one hand, better treatments can be achieved. On the other, we are not going to ignore the fact that eliminating restrictions on the use of

Cannabis in medicine opens the doors to a multimillion dollar business model.The International Cannabinoid Research Society points out that the path of studies is currently in the need to contemplate the use of the compounds in combination, since as we have mentioned above, there are synergies between them that make their effects potentiate.

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